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Masoumeh Abirinia: Image

Born in 1972, Iran. Abirinia has been painting for the last 7 years with the master painter Morteza Darehbaghi, her husband of 10 years. Most of her works are landscapes and floral as she has an unusual bond with nature: ‘I see the natural world with my eyes and absorb the radiant colours with my soul. I try to express the energy I get from it with my paintbrush. To convey a simple image that is soothing to the soul’.Masoumeh and her husband moved to Northern Virginia in 2004, but visit their homeland once in a while.

Solo Shows:

2011 – Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran.

2006 – Golestan Gallery, Tehran.

2005 – Hermitage Gallery, Washington D.C., USA.

2004 – Cite Gallery, Rafsanjan, Iran; La Cite internationale des arts, Paris, France.

2000 – Cavir Gallery, Rafsanjan; Classic Gallery, Isfahan, Iran.

Group Shows:

2018 – ‘100 works 100 artists’ Golestan Gallery, Tehran 

2014 – Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran.

2013 – Art Space Gallery, London.

2008 – Mah Gallery, Tehran.

2007 – Grand Hyatt, Dubai, UAE; Golestan Gallery, Tehran.

2005 – Golestan Gallery, Tehran.

2004 – Serendipity Group, Stockholm, Sweden; Assar Galler, Tehran; Mojdeh Gallery, Tehran.

2003 – Golestan Gallery, Tehran

2002 - ‘Hemophili Patients’, Tehran.

Masoumeh Abirinia: TeamMember
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