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Shahpari Behzadi: Gallery

Born in 1973 in Tehran, Behzadi graduated from the Tehran Azad University of Fine Arts in graphic design and worked for several years as a Painting Teacher in Peyman-e Laleha Primary School as well as a Puppet Maker for the French Embassy before starting her career as an artist.  

Her works epitomise simple abstract painting; she does not attempt to define her work within the scope of any school. Behzadi seeks the ultimate pleasure of simply brushing the canvas with her paints and playing with textures. Her forms spread across the canvas and delve into simplicity rejecting rigid structures.

Behzadi's paintings demand the attention of the viewer as they carry within them exciting promises of pure colour, Her colours draw the eye and lead it to her lines. She is currently living and working in Tehran.

Some of the Solo Shows:

2001,2002,2004,2007 - Assar Gallery, Tehran
2002 - Limes Gallery, Slovakia
2003 - MA Art Gallery - Slovakia
2004 - Feher Culture House, Hungry
2005 - Teo gallery, Slovakia
2006 - Palfyho Palace - Slovakia

Shahpari Behzadi: TeamMember
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