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Mixed media on cardboard (2005) 55x44cm
Golnaz Afraz: Gallery


Golnaz Afraz, born in Tehran in 1981, attended the University of Azad in Tehran for her undergraduate studies in painting. She has also received two Masters of Arts in Fine Art: the first of these degrees conferred by the University of Tarbiat Modarres in Tehran in 2007 and the second in 2011 by the University of Strasbourg in France. She lives in France now and she has been a member of the Association of Iranian Painters of Tehran since 2007. Winner of the Saatchi Art Prize, ‘Painted Word’ in 2015, Golnaz Afraz explores a variety of themes in her work, each of which can be seen as poignant in terms of both individual and universal experience. She explores notions of life on a philosophical sense, all through analysing man and his relationship with nature and his surroundings. Afraz sees herself as a director, planning the different compositions and elements of her works in order to portray different and converging versions of reality. Golnaz describes her work by saying:

“My world is a set of moments, details and fragmented thoughts. My goal is putting these images together in unusual and coherent compositions that include colour, form, and particularly the drawings. Each part of a picture can be the start point or the end of the other part. A piece of my painting as a chapter of a book composed of multiple volumes.”

Upcoming shows:

April 2020 - Group show at Latuvu Shahre. France.

Solo Shows:

2019 - Brûlée Gallery, Strasbourg, France

2017 - Brûlée Gallery, Strasbourg, France

2015 - Brûlée Gallery, Strasbourg, France

2015 - Brûlée Gallery, Strasbourg, France

2012 - Brûlée Gallery, Strasbourg, France

2011 - Mah Gallery, Tehran 

2010 - Quedar Gallery, The selected Young Artistes Exhibitions, Strasbourg-France 

2008 - Mah Gallery, Tehran  

Group Shows:

2019 -  Latuvu gallery, Bages, France

2017 - Brûlée Gallery, Strasbourg, France

2016 - Day Day Gallery Muse, Izad Shahr, Iran.

2016 - Tempus fugit, Brulée gallery.

2016 - Art & saveurs , Collective exhibitions, Strasbourg, France

2015 - Brûlée galerie, Strasbourg, France

2015 - ST ART Strasbourg, Brulée gallery, Strasbourg

2015 - Saatchi Art’s Showdown first Prize «painted word» international competition, Ace hotel Downtown, Los angeles, U.S.A.

2014 - Region d'alsace, strasbourg, France

2014 - Continenatl-Shift, Saatchi gallery, London.

2014 - Art&Saveurs, Strasbourg, France

2013 - Courant d'art Gallery Chevenez, Suisse.

2013 - ST ART Strasbourg, Société des Amis des Arts et des Musées de Strasbourg

2013 - Le portrait, La ligne bleu gallery, selestat, France

2013 - Art & saveurs , Collective exhibitions, Strasbourg, France

2012 - ST ART Strasbourg, Brulée gallery, Strasbourg

2012 - Farvahar Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2012 - Association of Iranians painters, Tehran 

2011 - The 5th Painting Biennial of Cotês d'armor, France 

2011 - ARTPARIS, Grand palais, Paris 

2010 - In Situ project - in the crossing, Strasbourg, France  

2010 - Apolonia Gallery ,Strasbourg, France  

2008 - Gallery Brick Lane, London, England  

2008 - Creek Art Fair Gallery, Dubai  

2008 - the 7th Painting Biennial of Iran in Saba Cultural & Artistic Institute

2007 - Association of Iranian Painters exhibition, Sa`ad Abad Cultural & Historic Center

2007 - Artspace Galleries, London 

2007 - Mah Gallery, Tehran 

2007 - Tarrahane Azad Gallery ,Tehran 

2006 - Mah Gallery, Tehran 

2006 - The 4th Painting Biennal of the Islamic World, Tehran

2006 - Annual Drawing,Karaj 

2005 - Arte Gallery,Tehran 

2005 - Mehrin Gallery,Tehran 

2005 - Ashiana-e-Naqsh & Mehr Gallery,Tehran

Golnaz Afraz: TeamMember
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