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21 OCTOBER 2021


LIVE NFT art performance, an expansion of the Lingo Scott single by the same name 'The Break Free Project’. The London born Caribbean heritage singer- songwriter met with Jorge Luccas in Spring 2021, short after their artistic connection led to the creation of this multi-sensory inter-disciplinary live art experience, including live painting and live music.

Be part of it at DIBA ART Gallery.


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a journey through

3 - 10 NOVEMBER 2021


3 NOVEMBER from 6.30 pm onwards



DIBA ART brings a collection of masterpieces that will take the viewer on a journey through the evolution of Persian Calligraphy.

Showcasing masters such as Jalil Rasouli, Reza Mafi, Ehsai, Gholam Hossein Amirkhani or Maryam Ghanbarian among others.



Some of the artworks will be available at 

65 Lambeth Walk, SE11 6DX



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30 Sep - 21 Nov 2021


ID-ENTITY is a self-discovery journey through chaos and order that taps into the subconscious mind, using puppets to question the true value of freedom.


The Puppets represent the duality in our mind between the rational and the creative brain, between logic and intuition.

Their half-human appearance questions our true identity and the illusional notion of reality.


The artist created this collection with the aim of raising awareness, reconsidering who we truly are.

He believes that it’s time to rethink our beliefs and what makes us Human.

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Selection of some of our most popular artists.

Including Jemima and Willow Murphy, Bahar Taheri, Hoda Kashiha, Masoumeh Abirinia, among others.

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Stand B3
8 - 11 July 2021

DIBA ART participated showcasing a mix of Persian and British emerging artists. Names such as Negar Orang, Hossein Cheraghchi, Ahuva Zeloof, or Willow and Jemima Murphy.

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22 Jun - 2 Jul 2021

Razieh combines in this collection all her passions bringing a combination of paintings and ceramics representing a journey from dire times to the hope that comes afterwards. Throughout life, every individual endures hardships from which strength is attained. Since the start of the pandemic, these adversities have increased worldwide. As daunting as the situation may be it's essential to be able to draw on positivity rather than be overwhelmed by darkness. The greatest sadness faced in our journey through life is the loss of our loved ones. A pain we never recover from, only learn to live with it. However, the loved ones of those who left us gather and share the stories of delightful experiences they had. They enhance their bonds and comprehend how precious the people around them are. The joy of the past carries on to the present and carried on to the future, from person to person.
The pieces illustrate the boundaries between dark and light and the transitions between them. What can be described as a cloud between both ends of the spectrum is represented.

Born in Iran, Razieh is a psychologist who has been painting and creating pottery for the last 20 years.

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Past: Image


14th February 2020 - 7th March 2020

Neda’s art is driven by Persian poetry and Eastern philosophy. Her works reflect images of nature carrying with them the unconscious emotions of our daily life.
Neda uses layers of colours and textures to reflect and infer nature, the unconscious and memory.  Diffused lines and colours suggest what could be a landscape, a forest on fire or a seascape. From certainty to ambiguity in a continuum of colour and shade.
Neda Dana-Haeri, painter and printmaker, was born in Iran and has been living in England since 1977. She studied Psychology and Fine Arts and currently lives and works in London.

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Movements 1 and 5


I M P E R F E C T I O N 

20 AUG - 31 OCT 2020



The works presented in IMPERFECTION demonstrate both, Zeloof’s progression as a sculptor, and the vast array of mediums deployed by her, including bronze and glass, as well as hand-sculpted and polished works in stone – the latter in a myriad of colours and variety, from ethereal alabaster to darkest black steatite.Zeloof aims to capture the natural, organic movement and life of the human form – and the materials she uses.

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Watercolours on paper
Past: Gallery

January 2020

The core of his art is to create avatars of real people, which express their thoughts, feelings, emotions and even actions in the world.  They’re amalgamations of both the inner self and also wider blights on society.

With his immediately recognizable half-human paintings, Luccas is able to criticise society and force a true understanding of blind acceptance.

Past: Image
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28th November 2019 - 5th February 2020

Featuring the work of renowned practitioners including Masoumeh Abirinia, Mojtaba Tajik, Roxana Manouchehri, Shahpari Behzadi and Arash Sedaghatkish.

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Masoumeh Abirinia, Abstract Scenery (2008) 130x130 cm
Negar Orang, No.2 (2011) 50x70cm
Mojtaba Tajik, Simplicity (2014) 100x100 cm
Mohamad-Mehdi Tabatabaie, Clot series (2010) 100x100 cm
Past: Gallery
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22 February - 2 March 2022

The Earth is a fruitful planet full of natural elements that create life and up to now, it is the only planet that provides us with this miraculous gift. Humans, as one of the main inhabitants of the globe, are in constant stages of evolution to survive and achieve a better life quality. To fulfil this necessity, men have continuously been manufacturing new products in which artificial materials are a majority. Of all these materials, plastics sit on top of the list to an extent that they are found almost everywhere in our daily life. Despite the indisputable benefits of plastics (including cost, fast process, etc) and broad applications of it, it is recognised as an extremely harmful threat to the environment and lives of its creatures. Plastic is a product that is almost impossible to dispose, creating insoluble harms to natural environment; Consequently, environmentalists are looking for ways to reduce the use of plastics. 


Photography, with its wide-ranging audience, has always been a great technique to display existing issues and raise awareness of topics. “Plastic in Everyday Life” is a stage photography series by Iranian photographer Maryam Ehsani that explores this issue through the art of photography. All of these photos are captured using natural light to keep them as authentic as possible. The characters are separated into two groups: Home and Workplace. Every character was asked to keep all the plastic materials they had used or bought within a specific time frame (two weeks for home series and one week for workplaces). After that, the collected plastics were used as part of stage props to show how deeply our life is tied with the use of them. This projects portrays the reality of how everyone is sunk within plastics without being aware of it. The aim of this project is to bring awareness by demonstrating the amount of plastic used in everyday life, hoping to open up a discussion on how individuals could play a role in reducing plastic use in daily routines. 

Plastic in Everyday Life

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