Born in 1984 in Urumieh, Iran, Sanei focused his education since the beginning in the Arts. He completed his BA in Painting and Fine Arts in 2008 by the University of Isfahan and later an MA in Painting by the Azad University in Tehran.

Solo Shows:

2018 - “The wind bloweth where it listeth”, O Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2015 - “Other Matters on Drawing”, Homa Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2014 - “Real Estate Tax Dues and Tax Exemption”, Homa Gallery, Tehran, Iran 2011 - Hoor Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Selected Group Shows:

2018 - “Modern/Contemporary”, Dastan Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2018 - “Black and White”, E1 Gallery, Teheran, Iran

2017 - Qingyun Gallery, Shanghai, China

2017 - “Fearless”, O Gallery, Tehran and Total Artts, Dubai, UAE 2016 “Made In Iran”, Kunstverein, Konstanz, Germany

2016 - “Made In Iran”, AB Gallery, Lucern, Switzerland

2015 - “The List – Recent Drawings of Iran”, O Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2015 - “Drawing Week 3”, Homa Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2015 - “Good News from Iran”, Mottahedan Projects, Dubai, UAE

2015 - “Good News from Iran”, Galerie Frank Pages, Geneva, Switzerland

2013 - “Corrosion”, Shirin Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2013 - “History Game”, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2013 - “Inversion”, Dastan Gallery, Teran, Iran

2012 - “Drawing Week 1”, Homa Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2012 - “6th New Generation”, Homa Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2011 - Hoor Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2008 - The First Fadjr International Festival of Visual Arts, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran

2007 - The Third Visual Arts Experimental Festival, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran

2005 - Museum of Contemporary Art, Isfahan, Iran


2007 - Honored, 3rd Visual Artts Experimental Festival, Tehran, Iran 2004 1st Prize, 4th Annual Isfahan Contemporary Painting, Isfahan, Iran 2003 - 1st Prize, 4th Drawing Visual Arts Festival, Hamedan, Iran

Artist Residency:

2017 - Qingyun International Art Center, Beijing, China


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