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Untitled (2008) mixed media on cardboard, 50x35 cm
Ala Dehghani: Image

Born in 1982, Tehran, Ala Dehghan makes use of images, objects, and everyday materials that she then fragments and blends together in mixed-media works. These consist of layers of painting and collage mainly on paper or acetate. This process of destroying and reconstructing the images and symbols of contemporary social and cultural dynamics, of the place in which she lives and the culture she comes from, is a continuous reflection on femininity, a philosophical meditation on loss and transformation.

Solo Shows:

2015 - Jump-Cut to Eyeline-Match. Forgetting the Sound of Her Voice, OTTO ZOO, Milano

Group Exhibitions: 

2019 - 'Reset', Kai Matsumiya, New York

2018 - 'If you care to see me you should think about it', OTTO ZOO, Milano

2016 - New Barracuda, PROTO Gallery, Hoboken

2016 - Kalfayan Galleries at The Armory Show

Ala Dehghani: Meet the Artists
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