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Untitled (2007) Acrylic on canvas, 85x85 cm
Ahmad Nasrollahi: Image

Ahmad Nasrollahi is one of Iran's most influential painters. His work has been exhibited and sold internationally. His work is innovative in technique and content. Subtly drawing Iranian legends, archetypes, and ancient visual motifs into contemporary life, Nasrollahi's work is often concerned with profound psychological questions. The role of tradition in identity formation, the borders between the material and the spiritual, and the mixing of belief and logic have consistently figured out as themes in his paintings.

Selected exhibitions:

2018 - Leeder art space, Melbourne, Australia

2014 - Babol University, Babol, Iran

2014 - Anton Chekhov gallery, Moscow. Russia

2012 - Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran. Iran

2011 - Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran. Iran

2010 -Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran. Iran

2009 - Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran. Iran

2008 - Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran. Iran

Ahmad Nasrollahi: Meet the Artists
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